14 Year Old Boy Consummates Mother After Death Of Father.

There is this weird and incredible news emanating from the kingdom of darkness that seeks to send deadly waves into the nervous system of people in the world most importantly, Ghanaians.

A fourteen year old boy has opened up to a bizarre scenario where he has been lured by his biological mother to be having quality and satisfactory sexual escapades with her after the demise of her husband.

The boy has narrated that, his mother influenced him into the dastardly act because, the said when she sees him physically, his appearance alone sends pictorial images into her senses to presume he is her husband who used to satisfy her sexually before the unfortunate departure of him from her sight.

It is not quite clear which religious denomination the woman who indulges this very draconian act attends but it is believed that, she is not either a Christian or a Muslim.

Even if she were a traditionalist, such a practice is not practised or entertained in the traditional religion. One wonders what will motivate a mother to have sexual lust for her own son that she bore after 9 months of carrying him in her womb after the man who caused her the pregnancy.

It is not funny hearing or reading anything about this unsightly spectacle but you are admonished not to admire such people who allow their devil to fill their hearts with his satanic antiques to fulfill his purpose on earth as he is the master chief executive of every form of an immorality.

Male teenagers are also being advised not to give in to any worldly vampire who may have that ugly desire to compel them into such dirty stuffs.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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