15 Years Old Girl Stabs Senior To Death Over Boyfriend Saga.

It was a chaotic scuffle between some public teenage students in one of the government’s schools in Ghana where a brawl ensued involving a 15 year old girl and her senior mate in the same school on an allegation of the other snatching her boyfriend from her.

This awkward event happened at the blind side of their respective parents who were busy at work trying hard to provide for their safe keeping but they rather, were focused on how to engage themselves in a deep rooted romantic comedy at their tender ages instead of them focusing on how to be hungry on acquiring Godly wisdom with the aim of securing their foreseeable future.

The girl who stabbed the other party to death, however, has been arrested killing her school mate pending further investigations. The parents of both students engaged in the fracas, have been informed of the incident caused by their teenage children who they sent to school to be educated against the immoral dictates of some people in society but they never put their minds of such situations at all and thereby ignoring completely what they were told to be doing in school.

The whole incident has left the school authorities dumbfounded; as to why such a weird thought could come up into the senses of just a 15 year old girl to be fighting over a boyfriend for suspiciously snatching her boyfriend from her hand. The boy on whom that they are fighting over, is yet to be revealed with his facial identify and be questioned to see if truly he was the one that those two girls have fought over.

It is common in public schools these days to be hearing from the horses own mouth issues relating to boyfriend-girlfriend because, to them in such schools, it has become the order of the day due to their increasing number of enrollment. Public junior high schools have gained more admissions this year which increased the ratio of students in their various junior high schools in the country causing teachers difficulties in handling the huge students population.

As the event has unfolded in real life experience, it is likely that those who know the rules of the game, would quickly advise the boy that such two girls fought over leading to the death of party, to deny any knowledge of knowing none of the girls to save his precious life from danger. Police officers are currently digging the ground to uncover more revealing details about such an ugly stabbing to death the junior high student in question.


Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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