17 Year Old Girl Flees As Marriage Mission Abandoned

17 Year Old Girl Flees As Marriage Mission Abandoned

Some will argue that how old exactly should a female child be before she marries her life partner but that should not always be the question since we all have different spheres of mission on this earth.

It is well with others who are young but they are living in a beautiful and glamorous relationship and those who even married at an old aged, do not enjoy and celebrate their marriages to that extent but, which way ever it ends or takes you to, just accept your fate and move on in life because nobody has become to stay forever.

The only way you may be at peace within yourself, is to set up a goal for yourself and aim at it persistently that if you do not achieve it, you will not endeavor to attempt anything that has to do with an early relationship with the opposite sex which will, in the long run, guarantee your foreseeable future from being truncated.

That is the aspiration of the respected Muslim girl in the Nigeria state of Bauchi, who has rejected an early marriage as agreed upon between her immediate family and that of the groom-to-be.

According to the seventeen years old girl who has been forced to marry at that tender age, she is not interested in the marriage or the money being offered by the family members of the man who is putting forward to marry her. In the view of the girl, she does not want her future to be truncated since she dreams of becoming a nurse in future.

Her bold stance on the impending marriage has sent others thinking because of how she audaciously snubbed the proposal for marriage to her outrightly without any apology to even her parents.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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