23 Year-Old Student With Aggregate 16 Denied Admission To Three Senior High Schools In Ghana (+Full Details)

23 Year-Old Student

Abu Sufiano, a 23 year-old Ghanaian boy has been denied admission to further his education at the senior high school in Ghana.

According to a post sighted on Crime Cheek Facebook page by ghbuzznews.com shows that, Abu Sufiano was denied admission to these senior high schools because he is an exconvict.

My own siblings stigmatize me and accuse me of stealing. A sardine got missing in the house and they said I stole it. I nearly cried. I have threatened to commit suicide if I don’t get admission. I want the government to help me.” He appealed.

He claimed that, the management of the schools, Awe Senior High School, Fumbisi Senior High School and the Sandema Senior High School all in the Northern Region refused to admit him because they realized he was an ex-convict though he got aggregate sixteen (16) in the Basic Education Certificate Examination, BECE.

“All the schools I tried to get admission asked me to go back to my former school for a recommendation letter before they can admit me. The Awe SHS head teacher after reading the recommendation from the Kumasi Central Prison where I wrote my BECE, told me unless I go to the Ghana Education Service head office in Accra he wouldn’t be in the position to admit me.”  Abu Sufiano told crime check Tv.

Crime Check Posted: 23 yr old Abu Sufiano Yahya was given a 12yr prison sentence for snatching a woman’s handbag in Kumasi in 2016. Whiles in Prison he wrote and passed his BECE (aggregate 16)with tuition from other inmates and wardens. Luck smiled on him when he won an appeal and had to be released from prison in December last year. Sadly, Yahya whose ambition is to become a nurse claims three secondary schools have refused him admission after realizing he is an Exconvict. Are we by this shameful conduct not relegating the essence of the reformation and rehabilitation function of the Prisons Service to the background? Is there a law that says exconvicts should be barred from pursuing higher education? Can some lawyers help us here? 


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