3 Weight-Gain Foods For 6 Months-1Year Old Babies (A Must Try)

As a mother, there are wide ranges of nutritious baby foods to make your baby gain weight the healthy way – that’s if you are one to search for weight-gain baby foods.

Even though, weight gain in babies can prove to be one of the primary concerns for most mother’s, it is key to aim at providing foods with balanced diets so the children can get all the essential nutrients needed for effective health and growth.

Mothers should administer three balanced, nutritious meals for their babies but should mind how easy and accessible the ingredients will be in preparation.

Here is a carefully laid-out meal plan, the three-course type for babies aged, from 6 months to 1 year, per Ghbuzznews findings :

Breakfast — Ripe plantain puree

Ingredients :

* 1 medium sized ripe plantain(cut into halves)

* Water


1. Wash half ripe plantain and cut chunks into a pot.

2. Add water and boil till tender.

3. Peel off skin.

4. Mash with little water till smooth.(you may blend, too.)

5. Pour pot’s content into baby’s bowl and begin feeding.How To Make Plantain Puree For Babies 6 Months and Above iekjJQhF93RU M

Lunch — Rice and potato mash


2 tablespoons white rice

2 medium sized Irish potatoes

1 red apple


1. Wash rice and place into a cooking pot.

2. Wash, peel, and cut potatoes into chunks.

3. Wash, peel, and cut apple into smaller pieces.

4. Pour everything into the cooking pot, add water to preference and leave to boil.

5. When soft, mash pot’s contents mildly for older babies and blend a little for younger babies.

6. Pour into baby’s bowl and feed. Sweet Potatoes With Rice And Mung Beans H04nx dGKDTm M

Dinner — Sweet potato, rice and carrot porridge


2 tablespoons brown rice

1 medium sized sweet potato

1 medium sized carrot

Baby milk(any milk your baby prefers)


1. Wash rice and put into pot.

2. Peel, wash, and cut potatoes into chunks.

3. Scrape, wash, and cut carrot into small pieces.

4. Add water and boil till soft.

5. Mash and serve with milk for older babies.

6. Blend, smoothly, with milk for younger babies.

7. Dish out and feed baby in a bowl.Sweet Potato Puree uVp 21wf4nl55M