33-Year-Old Virgin Reveals Why She Is Still A Virgin [Details]

33-Year-Old Virgin

The well-known 33-year-old has declared that she will keep talking about her virginity up until the point that she offers it to her legally married husband.

She said it is noble to keep one’s virginity till marriage. This was stated by the Durban University of Technology alumnus in a Facebook post on December 6, 2022.

She added that celebrities who frequently discuss body counts are misleading young females.

“If Christ tarries I will keep speaking about my Purity and Virginity until I give it away to my husband,” she wrote.

“You all don’t complain when your favorite celebrities are speaking about body counts, boasting about useless things and misleading young girls even those inside the church….

”It’s an honorable thing to remain a virgin until marriage, it’s even more honorable to remain sexually pure while single and inside marriage……happy Tuesday. #33YrsOldVirgin #NoRingNosex #HonoringGod”


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