5 Things A Man Should Not Do For A Woman


As you may have realized, society and morality have outlined a package for a woman that compels men to draw in.

But in drawing in, a man may lose his morality. Here’s what Melli Monaco has to say about 6 things a man should not do for a woman:


1. Do not spend money or buy her love

Note that love is earned and not forced. I believe forced love is a scam love. Do not buy her affection. You are building yourself for a massive blow that will hit you so hard.

You can as well buy her something, note that this shouldn’t be always. A real lady will tell you it’s okay to come empty-handed even if you have money.

2. Do not let her friend zone you

As funny and complicating as it sounds, many are victims of this. It’s hard to let go from experience, I know.

It happens, yes, after shooting your shots and you are rejected, don’t allow her to friend zone you to cushion your thoughts.

Usually, thoughts like “let me stick around to see if she’ll change her mind” will come into your head. My guy, move on.

You are too expensive to stick to rejection in unguaranteed hopes.

3. Do not give a negative answer.

For example, if your lady walks up to you to ask how she looks in her dress, tell her yes, then, any additional comment should be filtered and said to her.

Remember, society exerts a lot of pressure on women, their beauty, and their looks. Giving a positive raise her esteem even when people give a different opinion about her. Yes, so far as her lover says yes, that’s it

Never give a negative answer.

4. Do not move in with her for her convenience

Yes, you heard me right. A man is supposed to stand up to responsibilities and the same with women.

Note that you are not married to her which is a different case for a different principle. If she will move in, tell her we are splitting the bills.

Don’t be like “I don’t want her to spend too much and others”.

5. Do not become a boyfriend before 6 months.

Believe me when I say so. This can bounce on your like newton’s third law since you opted in for her. You got all excited and found an urgency to go out with this lady, and what?

The excitement you feel is like a cup of water, after you two have had enough of each other (when the cup of water finishes), there’s nothing left but emptiness.


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