Pharmacists Demand Consultation Fees.

The Ghana National Chamber of Pharmacy, is currently devising possible ways and means to also accrue some cash amount from their clients and patients across the entire country comes 30th April, 2022.

The pharmacy chamber, has announced to the general public that, very soon, anyone who visits a pharmaceutical centre or a shop, must fully prepare to pay for charges that the pharmacists are going to levy the person with when he or she needs consultations or dispensing on any matter concerning the health of that particular individual.

Many are those asking if such a move will not scare patients from opening up on challenges affecting their respective health cares.

It is believed that, this revealing decision yet to be materialised from the pharmacy chamber, comes at the backdrop of the words case scenario where the parliament of Ghana, on Tuesday, passed such an awkward and repressive bill seeking to siphon money from momo users in the country.

The bill was unconstitutionally passed into law awaiting maturity for an onward implementation after twenty one days of its passage.

The senses of Ghanaians were centred on the classic football encounter between the Ghana Black Stars and the Super Eagles of Nigeria fame but at their blind side of the other divide, the NPP members of parliament in connivance with some nation wreckers and traitors in the NDC, capriciously passed the bill without any tangible recourse to the eminent severe economic hardship faced with Ghanaians in the country.

But if the pharmacy chamber succeeds in this their crafty attempt, how would their clients cope with the pressing demands of payment for a dispensary?




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