8 Slaughtered In Togo As Militants Invade Territories.

Many people in Togo, have lost their lives as forces believed to be terrorists attacked dozens.

The forces took over many places under civilian control when they raided the communities where they plan to undertake their mission. The Togolese Police Force was no where to be found when the armed militias entered the jurisdictions of the citizens in the country, forcing some of them to give up their previous goods else their lives would be cut short.

In fear of being killed, some gave up their belongings in fear of the dreaded moments they found themselves in. The fast rate at which forces loyal to terrorists have been killing people these days, is coming to wanton and causing the citizens to lose confidence in their own governments.

Terrorism and its endangered activities are increasing significantly in many parts of the world most especially, on the African continents. As the milias took some territories under the control of security forces in Togo, many have concluded that the security forces of the country went into an absolute hiding; giving an upper hand to the militants to do their dirty works.



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