A Plus Gifts Ola Michael A $3,000 Worth Sneaker After He Was Trolled For Wearing A ‘Kakuma’ Shoe On UTV (Video)

Ghanaian-born entertainer and political activist Kwame Asare Obeng, who is popularly called A Plus, recently displayed his charitable side by surprising Oscar-winning director Ola Michael with a brand-new shoe costing $3,000.

This kind deed was done after Ola Michael endured harassment on a well-known TV program due to his footwear preference—a modest “Kakuma shoe.”

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A-Plus gave Ola Michael the gorgeous sneaker in a touching video, demonstrating not just his everlasting support for his friend but also his strong desire to encourage everyone around him. This act of friendship and cooperation is proof of the generosity and compassion found in the entertainment business.

Watch the video to see this endearing act that highlights the value of valuing individuality and standing by one another through the ups and downs of life.