Abiana slammed for rudely rejecting a contestant at TV3 Mentor Audition

Abiana has been trending for the way she rejected a potential Mentor delegate

After Abiana brutally turned down a competitor at TV3 Mentor Auditions, she received backlash on social media.

TV3 hosts the music reality program TV3 Mentor. The reality program was the first one using music to be produced in Ghana.

An audition form was filled out by a young man who thought he had what it takes to be the next music star for the reality show’s 2022 season.

Unfortunately for him, the contestant (a guy) met the scare and embarrassment of his life when Abiana cut his performance shot in such a harsh call.

The contestant named Drew got on stage to perform Kidi’s, ‘Mon Bebe’ in hopes of making it through the auditions stage but he was cut short.

“You are out, out, out, out,” the female judge, Abiana chanted while slapping her hands.

The video went viral on social media and stirred reactions from Ghanaians. Some believe that Abiana’s treatment to the guy was very unfair and needs to go better.




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