Afia Schwar Blasts Kofi Adoma for Exploiting ‘Mad’ Tiktok Couple

Kofi Adoma

Kofi Adoma has been under fire from comedian Afia Schwarzenegger for his recent interviews with a mentally handicapped tiktok couple.

Due to their amusing TikTok videos, the duo has been popular for a few days.

Before losing their children and succumbing to melancholy and mental illness, they were reportedly a pastor and his wife.

The pair has shared their tale with Kofi Adoma in various interviews.

Afia Schwarzenegger responded to Kofi Adoma’s posts by calling him a man without morals who is taking advantage of the couple.

According to Afia, if Kofi Adoma had good intentions he would get the couple some therapy rather than interviewing them for Youtube views and money.