Afia Schwarzenegger names her dog after Mzbel, mocks her in video

Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger, a comedian and social media star from Ghana, has once more incited outrage by naming her puppy after her bitter rival Mzbel.

Afia Schwarzenegger may be seen in a video posted to her Instagram page calling her dog “Mzbel” and mockingly singing lyrics from Mzbel’s most recent song, “Asibolanga.”

She allegedly called the dog the “rape ambassador” and told it to “lick her feet.”

Some social media users have expressed outrage over the video since it was posted on Instagram because they think Afia Schwarzenegger’s acts are improper and disrespectful.

She has been urged by some to act more maturely and to quit using her platform to start small fights.

This is not the first public dispute that Afia Schwarzenegger and Mzbel have had.

In interviews and on social media, the two have a history of insulting one another. Afia Schwarzenegger previously accused Mzbel of falsely accusing Reverend Josh Laryea of rape.

While some Afia Schwarzenegger supporters thought the video funny, others were disappointed at her actions and urged her to concentrate on more upbeat material.

Mzbel has not yet released a formal statement about the incident.