Africa Is Part Of Our Aggressions – Ukrainian presidential aide asserts

Africa Is Part Of Our Aggressions - Ukrainian presidential aide asserts

An aide to the president of Ukraine, Andriy Yerdak, has opened declared that those who are blaming the war between Ukraine and Russia on the repercussions of their failed economic planning are also involved in the ongoing turbulence in the two nations.

According to the aide, many African political leaders had recently accused Ukraine wrongly without substantiating their erroneous impressions on the part of the involving nations that are engaged in the fight against each other causing insecurity in many other parts of the world.

He further stressed that, if certain individuals were not to be taking side steps with one country against the other diabolically, the unrest between Russia and Ukraine would not have traveled this far because, certain countries have secretly planned and supported one side against the other, and things are happening in this very manner.

The Ghanaian president had also accused the leaders of Ukraine and Russia of causing the economic infractions in Ghana citing the turmoils in those two states as being the contributive factors instigating instability of the economic prospects in Ghana.

It is quite sad as to why you being a leader of a whole nation would not be able to do your homework prudently but rather you will seat in your home unconcerned and then fault someone in a far distanced country for being the cause of your economic woes in your country here on African soil.

Leadership failure has been a major problem in many parts of the West African subregions arising out of the inability of their leaders to think outside the box to formulate robust and formidable economic planning that would help restore the lost glory of their various nations for possible economic booms.

African countries are well endowed with natural minerals and yet still, they are heavily depending on foreign aid for their financial survival due to financial malfeasance and misappropriation of their resources which is putting money into the pockets of certain individual class members who align themselves with the leadership of political governance.



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