African American singer Akon opens university in Africa

African-American Singer Aliaune Damala Badara popularly known as Akon has decided to open schools in Africa after revealing that he and the late Michael Jackson had planned to carry out the project together.

As it is said that music is the food of the soul, the same thing applies to education as being the only key that opens up the future bright.

But one of the celebrated and appreciated individuals who has been singing in American land as an African citizen has decided to tell the whole world that, it is not everyone who sings is into total worldliness and pleasurable activities that are thought to be obscene.

African American-born music star, Akon, has decided to build first-class Schools across the African continent to continue educating the youth for the betterment of their future on African soil since he is also an African born in Senegal origin.

“We had like a good two years together where we just hung out practically four, five times a week, right? Real conversations and he would shock you, the kind of shit that he like, the kind of shit he would say,” Akon told the outlet.

Some musicians have decided to make frames only in life and after that, nothing else remains to be celebrated but others are also trying hard to make positive impacts on the life of their followers in society.

He narrated that Michael Jackson always wanted to help African children achieve success in their life because he never really experienced a childhood himself, having risen to stardom by the young age of eight.

“His biggest thing was always making sure that kids were in a comfortable position to be a kid. Because he never really had a childhood himself,” Akon stated.

“He was a big star as a child. He didn’t get a chance to go to the carnival, go to the movies, eat candy, like things that kids naturally did so when he got older, he surrounded himself with all those kiddish things that he never had a chance to be at,” he added.

His real name as being; Aliaune Damala Barada, with the nickname Akon, has disclosed that he planned to build schools in African lands together with the late Michael Jackson before his sudden departure but still, he will carry out the project to transform the lives of African individuals.

He stated that he wanted to build a school at the cost of $4 billion tech City to be known as Akon City in his home country Senegal where he originated from with pride and joy.




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