Afrobarometer Survey Downgrades Akufo Addo’s Leadership

Afrobarometer Survey Downgrades Akufo Addo's Leadership

A yet-to-be-verified survey conducted by the Afrobarometer group, reveals, that the majority of the people in Ghana believe strongly that, the country Ghana, is heading in the wrong direction as a result of certain executive decisions taken without recourse to the national interest.

According to the Afrobarometer survey, Ghanaian people in general, affirm that the government of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, has not come to power to transform the lives of individuals nor does it feel great compassion towards the development of the country and thus, creating a severe economic unfriendly environment for the people living in the country due to his capricious and political correctness coupled with failures of resuscitating the debilitating comatose economy his government has incurred for the Ghanaian youth who are currently suffering from the harsh conditions created by his regime.

It is somehow clear that it is of no news to any reasonable thought that everyone knows the sad drowning of the country because of the high level of government profligate spending and financial malfeasance as a result of the national resources being mismanaged by some so-called associates of his government who share the same political ideology with him that they are property owning democracy practitioners who only contest for political power to amass wealth and riches for themselves and their generations to come at the detriment of the vulnerable in the country who will stand under the scorching sun to elect them to go into their various offices to be enjoying with their wives and children.

Many people in the country do not take his so-called leadership any more seriously because they have just concluded that it was a total sham and objects of error-ridden decisions that they had taken by voting him into power. After all, there is nothing meaningful coming from his governance that is shaping up the lives of the citizens.

It is damning and degrading that a whole presidency would be brought down low completely in such a scornful and disparaging manner causing ridicule and laughter amongst the citizens who voted for him and his party in the sense that, Ghanaian voters have chastised his leadership that their is no transformation happening or taking place in their respective lives but his political appointees and their communicators vehemently refuted such factual accuracies stating the real conditions prevailing in the country.

It is now established vividly against his administration that the people who voted in into power are saying they are not happy about his style of leadership because it is clear enough to them by noting that, the country they thought would receive a facelift after giving him the nod, is rather headed in the wrong direction because how he is handling matters about the progress of the country, is not the most prudent ways and that is why everything appears as if there is no one in charge of the country as it seems where ever the country goes, it does not concern him in any way thinking that he is about to finish his tenure and due to that, he is not seeking any re-elected, therefore, things can happen in any form or shape they so desire.

There is no actual response from the outfit of the government currently as to how it will react to the trending news that the office of the president has been reported downgraded by the office of Afrobarometer survey that, Ghanaian people are saying, his leadership style is failing the country big time and thus, something significant must be done urgently to revive their confidence in his administration.



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