A young lady called Doris Darko has shared her ordeal with Auntie Naa on Oyerepa Fm about how her husband Lawrence used to sleep with different ladies but after she divorced him, the man has taken over their property telling her that she is the one who divorced him so she doesn’t have any share in the property.

The lady revealed that her husband helped her to travel to Jordan to work as a maid, she spent only 8 months there but sent the GHC6,000. They got married after she came back to Ghana and they gave birth to one child.


The lady said her husband is a travel and tour agent who helped ladies to travel abroad. She later found on her husband’s phone that he has been sleeping with these ladies, some of them even spent more than one month in the house they built together.

Lawrence had an issue was arrested, when her husband came back home, she asked him and he accepted that Because her husband has been sleeping with the ladies they too doesn’t to pay back his money when he helps them to travel abroad.

She made a decision to divorce her husband, after the divorce the man said he will give her any share of the property and he will not also take care of the only child.

Doris wants her husband to give her share of their property and also take the responsibility of their child. According to Lawrence, her wife has been having issues with the work he has been doing, she doesn’t feel comfortable when he is with the ladies.

He also said he takes care of her wife and the child but if she has divorced him, he will not share any property with her.

SOURCE: www.ghbuzznews.com


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