Agavedzi Cries For Help As Tidal Waves Wrecks Havoc.

There was a total chaos yesterday in and around some communities adjoining Ketu South and Keta Constituencies when the waves of the sea rose up above the normal level.

The residents of Agavedzi and its surrounding areas were faced with severe tidal waves as the sea waves caused massive catastrophic scenes when the community folks were forcefully compelled to desert their various houses to different parts of the town to spend the night else where.

Tidal waves destroy homes

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The Agavedzi community, lays between Ketu South and Keta constituencies in the southern part of Ghana. Residents are fervently appealing to the government to Ghana and other benevolent organisations to come to their aid.

Tidal waves destroy homes1 Tidal waves destroy homes2

In an another development, people who live close to Ada community called, Akplabanya, hinter part of the Greater Accra region, experienced such a similar spectacle when the tidal waves inundated and engulfed their houses yesterday.

It appears as though, it is a yearly phenomena in the vicinities laying near the coastal belts. We are hoping, help would reach out to the affected communities soon as they are in a state of an emergency.




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