Airport security officer interdicted over pre-Boarding Security Check On Minister

The Ghana Airports Company Limited in the Ashanti region, has indefinitely, interdicted one of her security forces for conducting pre boarding security check on the Minister of National Security, Honourable Albert Kan Dapaah.

Many people are wondering how on earth such an individual who is working so hard to improve upon the image of where he sources his daily bread from, would be treating in such an unfair manner without any possible intervention from the minister himself who is very much aware of the current predicament inflicted on the said employee of the company in the region.

It is not immediately indicated how long the victim of such a circumstance would serve on his indefinitely interdiction but it is believed that, such a painful decision being implemented against that vulnerable security officer who works tirelessly to make sure he uplifts the image of his institution to a higher height, but some individuals who are concerned about his present condition, hopefully expect the management of his company to have compassion on him since the current economic unfriendly environment in Ghana is not going to favour him so long as he remains under the interdiction whilst his salary being reduced down completely.

It could be the fact that, the said security officer is not well acquainted with the portfolio of the minister who has sanctioned his excruciating moments of being under interdiction.

It is not known to many people in Ghana that, some high profile personalities most especially, the Ghanaian politicians who have mounted the stature of ministers and ambassadors are immuned against such conduction against their privacy since they are believed to have the laxity and privilege above other nationals in the country.

If in any case that somebody does not follow one logic step approach in dealing with matters regarding the security check mounted on the minister of national security, Albert Kan Dapaah, there is no way any reasonable individual could be sanctioned or reprimanded after conducting pre – boarding security check on him who is also the National Security Minister.

Some people who are touched by the sad drowning incident on the part of the poor security officer, are asking how come the said minister of national security could not intervene in saving the gentleman implicated at the centre of the interdiction.

In any serious minded and responsible country, the security minister himself, must as a matter of fact, who is mindful and conscious of security and security related activities and issues in Ghana, must take the bold step to arrive at a thoughtful decision that, it would be security unwise if the guy who has been punished for conducting that so called pre boarding security check on him, to be an affront in the face of personal safety and security matters for the said individual not be conduct the alleged security checks on him because, nobody is above the law since, leadership by an example is the rule of the game when it comes to matters pertaining to security issues in Ghana and elsewhere.

It is not a fair action taken against the security officer of the Ghana Airports Company Limited since the intrusion and incursions of suspected terrorists activities and their attacks are prevalent in our neighbouring countries because, the security minister himself has been an advocate of same whilst urging Ghanaian people to be vigilant about how they conduct themselves while in public spaces.



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