Allowing Your Girlfriend To Have A Male Bestie Is Like Throwing Bones To A Dog – Blessing CEO

A relationship specialist, Blessing Okoro advises men to not put up with their partners having male closest friends, comparing it to giving a dog a bone and asking it not to munch on it.

Nigerian woman Blessing Okoro, often known as “Blessing CEO,” thinks it is ridiculous for a woman in a relationship to have a man besides her partner, whom she refers to as her best friend.

She asserted in a video that was posted on her Facebook page that, if left alone in the same room, a woman and her best male friend would undoubtedly engage in sexual activity.

She went on to say that even if a woman’s male best friend is attracted to her but is scared to tell her or is not ready for a relationship with her, the chemistry between them remains and allows them to get intimate when the conditions are appropriate.

A best buddy, sometimes known as a “bestie,” is someone with whom you can relax and socialize. Nowadays, it’s common for women in committed relationships to refer to other guys as their best friends. Some of these women end up sleeping with their ostensibly best friends.

According to Blessing Okoro, it is a deception utilized by modern women to deceive their boyfriends while having extramarital affairs.