An Onion Improves Sexual Longevity Of Men – Research reveals the open secret

The final open secret about the importance and significance of an onion being used in our daily basis during cooking or any other purpose mostly in Ghana.

According to a report which has been revealed over the weekend which did not surprise many men most especially the youthful exuberant who are fond of consuming kenkey with red fish spiced with sliced onions, have welcomed the long delayed secret for a lot of men who know the hidden fact about how sexually active they become the moment they consume it.

In the findings of the research, it is undeniable fact that, using an onion regularly, enhances and improves the sexual hormones of men in general during sexual intercourse. The research further stressed that the men who usually use an onion involving their delicacies, they are always feared by women during sexual encounters because of their longevity in the cause of sexual bouts.

The report has proven the long held secret of men who deal with an onion continually were not startled by the findings of the research institution which conducted the secret around it usage of the onion which has been the secret of men who always indulge themselves with sexual activities because they know and they have been trying it for a very long time before the research has finally responded to the long held perception that a lot of people most especially the male ones about their feeling in the hormones after eating.

Using the onion during everything they have eaten or consumed which gives them a very durable power supply and long journey until they themselves shake up their legs during the engagement ring exercise with the forbidden fruit hidden tightly in between the two aromatherapy diffuser of our ladies who have been gifted with such a priceless and valuable delicacy.



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