Angela Okorie lashes at junior actresses for lying about sources of wealth

Nigerian movies can not be jolly and enjoyable without certain classic personalities who make sure that you are thrilled with fun and laughter until you faint unexpectedly down the seat.

Due to their funny way of acting in the movie industry, they have won the hearts of many to suddenly become their fans.

But someway somehow, Nigerian movies have now been asphyxiated and filled with an expensive display of worldly luxury as the sources of income for those flaunting and splashing their wealth remain a mystery.

Whilst some young and upcoming actresses in the industry have been claiming that their sources of wealth is coming from the movie industry and not any other avenue, one of their own who has been very instrumental in making sure that, the movie industry is devoid of rancor and fallacious, has lashed out at the upcoming actresses who think money should be their focus in the acting field.

The bemused Angela Okorie, who seems to be livid about such an erroneous hypothesis being churned out into the public domain by the junior actresses to state or disclose their sources of wealth, to come out clean and tell the whole world that there is something fishy about what they are engaging themselves in in the places of dark shadows.

Angela Okorie, therefore, challenges those young actresses alleging that they are putting up impregnable mansions while others are riding vehicles lavishly, it is not true they have derived their sources of money from the acting scenes.

Some also argue that certain individuals in the acting scenes are committing themselves into acts of treachery and based on that, Angela Okorie is daring such people to come out clear and confirm to the whole world about their fraudulent activities which are fetching them the resources that they have been enjoying.