At the age of 40, I have no children and no husband, a frustrated woman shouts out on social media.

A disgruntled woman has descended on TikTok to complain about her unfulfilled existence and the reasons why she wants God to step in and make things right in her life.

On TikTok, a woman who goes by the name Nekesa posted a video of herself acting melancholy and stated that she was unmarried and in her fourth decade of life.

Nekesa also mentioned that she is now unmarried when Rudeboy’s Chizoba was playing in the background and she prayed to God to provide her deepest desires.

Watch the video via this link

In other news: Asantewaa is mocked online for showing off her bare thighs.

If only Asantewaa had known that publishing this particular collection of photos online would have put her in the middle of a troll pit, she wouldn’t have bothered.

Asantewaa was pictured in these popular images sitting in a chair with her legs crossed, exposing her ‘rotten’ thighs.

Asantewaa’s thighs seem to be infected with heat rashes and it’s only prudent she starts treating it before she suffers another humiliation.


Alot of social media users who have come across the pictures have berated her for chasing clout and headlining articles on a negative note.

Asantewaa was recently derided on the local digital space for storming a friend’s wedding in gele and office shirt.

It seems she cares less about the slandering campaign launched on her anytime she does something wrong – She has developed tough skin in the game.



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