Auntie Bee narrates how she’s been unlucky with love after Bob Santo’s death

Auntie Bee

The seasoned actress Auntie Bee has admitted that since losing her longtime companion, the actor Bob Santo, some twenty years ago, a number of men had entered her life.

The actress claims that she has had bad luck finding a relationship since the men that come into her life are only interested in her body.

The actress is quick to ask for a breakup and move on with her life whenever her ambitions and a man’s aspirations don’t coincide.

According to Auntie Bee, she has prayed for a husband who will love and cherish her, but even if that doesn’t happen, she’ll keep living her best life.

“It’s been over 20 years since Santo’s demise… I have had a lot of men come my way. I have been sexually active and you know how it works. Gloria Sarfo onetime got me a man, and many have come my way. I am looking for a husband, the ones that came in were after pleasure. That’s not what I want, I am praying for my own man but if it never happens, life goes on,” she told Firelady on The Visdel Show.

Eulogizing her late lover, the actress disclosed that she burst out into laughter anytime she comes across Santo’s comic videos on the internet.

“We are alive by grace…I haven’t seen Santo in my dreams, it was just once that he spoke to me in a dream after his demise…the dream was interpreted to me and I was told to continue my acting career per his wishes…I laugh anytime I come across his videos on social media,” she said.