AWARD HOUSE: Sod Cutting Ceremony for the Construction of the Ghana Award House

Sod Cutting Ceremony for the Construction of the Ghana Award House.

The Concerned Youths of Ghana are saddened by the Press Release by the Head of State Awards and Office of the President in their response to the concerns of the various CSOs and well-meaning Ghanaians towards the wastage of the scarce resources of the nation, which the Office of the President (Head of State Awards) terms as a misconception but failed to address the fact that building of the Ghana Awards House is a misplaced priority.

The bane in our neck as concerned citizens is the blatant disregard of the basic necessities of the citizenry but the penchant to indulge in wastage in this country, so high and enjoyed with impunity by our leaders.

There are numerous agencies responsible for youth development but are badly resourced or left to wither and die while the government is ready to dole out GHS 5 million towards this wastage at a time the citizenry is paying more taxes in contribution to nation building.

Are we building the edifice because the Award House is affiliated to the UK? We create diplomatic ties to satisfy our borrowing-obsessions and not for strategic purposes.

We establish these purported youth development agencies amidst fun-fare and merry making and they lose their importance in the snap of the fingers. If the Presidency deems it fit to fill the gap of formal institutions why not empower the formal institutions for the purpose?

The Presidency needs a reminder as to the operations of some youth development agencies, for this purpose let briefly look at the Objectives and Functions of the National Youth Authority (NYA):

Objectives: –

a. Developing the creative potentials of the youths.

b. Developing a dynamic and disciplined youth imbued with the spirit of nationalism, patriotism and a sense of propriety and civic responsibility.

c. Ensuring the effective participation of the youths in the development of the country.

These objectives were not enough for the Presidency to channel same energy into realization of the objectives.

Functions: –

a. A sense of creativity, self-reliance, leadership, loyalty to the country, discipline and civic responsibility.

b. A sense of friendship and cooperation through the exchange of ideas with recognized youth organizations in other countries in Africa and the world.

c. Develop the capacity of the youth to participate in decision making at all levels.

d. Establish and supervise youth leadership and skills training institutes.

e. In collaboration with Ghana Youth Federation, organize annual youth conferences at national, regional and district levels.

Pondering on these declarations made by our forebears on youth development, the President should have been declaring the NYA an office under the Presidency so that the president will see to it that the youths who are the future of this country will receive the best support ever to enable us realize our goals as a country and not this wastage amidst limited resources.

Should the Presidency maintain this posturing without impunity, will only point to the fact that, the Presidency is never committed to proper nation building and the so called; “we have the men tag” is just a mere rhetoric which was founded on the urge to taste power.

We are requesting for publication of the so called donation made for the so called the award house.

Concerned Youth of Ghana hereby call on the Presidency to reconsider and prioritize the provision of basic necessities and putting existing youth development structures to effective use, they have been too dormant and the drive can only come from the Presidency.

Story by Nana Yaw Cobbinah


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