Ayisha Modi curses Diamond Appiah for duping her

Ayisha Modi

Diamond Appiah has come under fire from Ayisha Modi once more for defrauding her of substantial sums of money on the pretense of obtaining a piece of land.

Ayisha Modi came forward a while back to say that Diamond Appiah had taken over $40,000 from her with the promise of giving her land, but until the day she was disclosing this, she had not seen the land.

After Ayisha Modi reported the incident, the lawsuit was filed in court, but it appears the plaintiff is dissatisfied with how things are developing.

Ayisha Modi is seen crying and pondering why awful things keep occurring to her in a recent video that is causing a stir.

She claims that despite working hard to earn her money in the United States, Diamond Appiah, a person she considered a friend, scammed her.