Ayisha Modi to abandon ‘controversial’ lifestyle after being crowned Queen mother

Ayisha Modi

Controversial Ayisha Modi, a Ghanaian socialite and music investor, has made it clear that she intends to quit posting explicit photos of her body online.

Speaking with actor Kwaku Manu, she stated that she must lead a respectable life and firmly adhere to the requirements of the chieftaincy title after being crowned queen mother for Sowutuom (Sowutuom F333 Noya Manye/Diaspora Noya Manye).

“The elders have spoken to me about things I cannot do now that I am a queen mother, and I need to respect that. From today, I have stopped granting interviews and going live on social media to attack anyone.

“In fact, when I see something wrong, I will pretend I haven’t seen it, and that is because of my new position. Now I want my peace of mind,” she told Kwaku Manu in his Aggressive interview posted on YouTube today, January 25.

She also stated that after her enstoolment as Queen mother on January 29, 2023, she will resort to other means of settling her beefs on social media.

“Mine is a family stool. And family stools are backed by a whole lot of things including spirits and tradition. So I won’t be able to speak anyhow in public. I can’t fight on social media anymore. Maybe someone else will even handle my social media. If something is going on, I can only advise but not join in the beef. Moving forward, If I’m involved in a feud, I’ll just consult the gods. If in my heart, I know I haven’t wronged you, I’ll do whatever I have to do to you. Or, I’ll summon you to the palace. I won’t consult the gods to kill those who are fighting me. But I’ll rather vindicate myself,” She added.


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