Behind the Scenes Video Captures McBrown With No Makeup And Wig Before Her Show


The Onua Showtime with McBrown show has taken over social media as the newest trend. Ghanaians’ new favorite television show is gradually evolving into Onua Showtime with McBrown.

Every Friday and Sunday at 7 p.m., there are a few items prepared before the program begins.

As she gets ready for the concert, McBrown is seen in a recent video posted to social media enjoying some local ampesi with stew. Nana Ama was spotted without a wig and with half-finished makeup.

She was, however, flanked by a team that was prepared to glam her up before the performance. Following the completion of her meal, McBrown’s team worked together to create her stunning appearance. A woman styled her wig, while a man applied her makeup.

Additionally, she had her shoes worn. While being given a gorgeous makeover by her team, the actress relaxed like a queen.

That is the procedure before she arrives on set, according to McBrown. Fans have since posted comments on social media in response to the video.