Blame social media for the increase of social vices amongst the youth – Gasmilla

Gasmilla, Musician

Expanding social indecencies among the youths ought to be blamed on Social media – Gasmilla Azonto sort big cheese, Gasmilla, who is generally called the ”International Fisherman” has charged electronic media(Social Media) pressure as the huge justification social obscenities among the youthful.

This, he expressed on the Kastle Entertainment Show with Amansan Krakye monitored by, Gasmilla asked the young people to work genuinely despite the different temptations and squeezing factors they experience through electronic media.

“The little I have seen is that web-based media pressure is making these young wander off. You know some time ago when you’re feeling terrible about yourself you stay in your room and feel awful,” he commented.

“But these days if you feel bad about yourself and when you visit social media, what you’ll see about someone flaunting money will even put more pressure on these young lads,” he revealed.

He added on Kastle FM “And most of the youth think about how they’ll use ways and means to make money coupled with the pressure from their peers and social media.

“So let me say it just like it needs to be said so I plead with the youth that despite the pressure from social media they should do their best to work hard,” he ended


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