Boko Haram Group Abducts Ten Police Officers

Boko Haram Group Abducts Ten Police Officers

A disturbing report coming from Nigeria that, the terrorist syndicate,  Boko Haram group, has unreasonably, kidnaped ten police officers belonging to the Nigerian police forces which many people are not taking kindly to because of the weapons that such public police officers are fortified with.

It is somehow unbearable and ludicrous to hear that, public security officers are being kidnapped by the perceived enemies of a country whose aim is to cause instability and chaos in any developing nation that is enjoying peace and security to enhance national integration and development.

Nigeria has been in the news lately for all the negative and unimaginable reported cases of attacks from Islamic militants in the northern parts of Nigeria where people from all kinds of religious faiths and tribes are murdered by the nefarious members of the terrorist sect, Boko haram, which is fighting for the control of certain principal areas of Nigeria to govern because according to some of their previous absurd and horrible leaders, they wanted to rule those up north due to the inability of the successive governments to reaching out to those who are residing up north and based on that their injurious assertion, they are still fighting for supremacy to have an upper hand in ruling the citizens in the country at that hinter part of the country.

The administration of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan tried its best to contain such sprawling activities of the members of Boko haram but unfortunately, it did not work the way it was meant to yield results before the tenure of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan came to an end after he was conspicuously defeated by his main opposition candidate, Mahamudu Buhari, who still steers the affairs of that very oil-rich country but yet still, many businesses are crippling because of the high level of corruption-related cases affecting the smooth progress of the nation.

Nigerian people in the country at the moment are not taking things lightly due to the usual fear and panic it incurs in the minds of the people living in the country anytime cases and matters about the activities of the Boko haram group are reportedly spreading like wildfire while could mean that a large number of people have been killed or abducted where they would be maltreated and tortured under severe austerities where other so-called members belonging to the group are assigned to mount surveillance on your 24/7 so that your movement would be curtailed as an attempt to prevent you from escaping from their fungs and shackles.

The illicit activities embarked upon by the members of the alleged gangsters are spreading very fast to many other parts of Nigeria where the citizens recently declared their total loss of confidence and trust in the government of president Mahamudu Buhari and his governors whose duties are to safeguard and secure the lives and properties of the Nigerian people but according to them, the government fails abysmally in doing so hence their decision to declare no confidence in the leadership of president Buhari and his appointees who are only thinking and taking care of themselves at the detriment of the Nigerian populace.

The activities of the deadly mayhems caused by the terrorists, are so prevalent and rearing their ugly heads to the extent that, it appears to many people as though they are the ones in charge of running the affairs of the country.

It is a complete classic case of mental imbecility to hear from a legally institutionalized public security force established under a constitution of a republican state that, the public security forces of that very constitutionally mandated country, have been kidnapped by private thugs who have no backing from the constitution of the nation which renders their illegal behaviors and acts as unconstitutional and unlawful.



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