Boyfriend Of Slain Cape Coast Technical University Student Arrested.

The murder of the lady who was slain by some suspected ritualists which put fear and panic in the students of the school, is being dealt with gradually as the alleged boyfriend of the murdered student has been carefully arrested by the police officers in the Central region of Ghana.

Earlier last week, a female friend of Cape Coast Technical University was killed by some unknown assailants in an area very close to the school. The entire students body was thrown into a state of mourning and lamentation.

The most terrible aspect of the lady’s killing which devastated the thoughts of people in the campus, was the removal of her genitalia which caused others to conclude that, it was a planned ritual murder. The female reproductive organ (vagina) of the lady, was conspicuously missing from the rest of her body parts.

The boyfriend of the lady murdered has been arrested because, he is suspected and believed to have a hand in the slaughtering of the lady in question. However, a circuit court in the Central region, has granted that he should be on a remand as police officers investigate him to see if his hands are bloody or clean in this horrifying matter.

Due to the dastard killing of the lady near the Cape Coast Technical University, people are still living in fear in the whole vicinity including the students and their management. The school authorities are expected to state their side of the issue as some people are already beginning to blame the school for doing little or nothing to protecting the lives of the students in the school.



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