Bring Your Own Furniture To School – Atebubu College Of Education To First Year Students

Atebubu College of Education,


The administration of the Atebubu College Of Education in the Bono East region of Ghana, has asked the first year students of the institution to come for lectures with their own furniture and rather they should not rely on the administration to supply them with such educational materials.

Such a training college is a public institution but it is demanding from the students body to provide their own learning furniture which may not sound well to some people who are concerned about what transpires in the teaching field.

It is some how weird and intriguing to be demanding from students in a public teacher training college to bring their own furniture to school else they will seat down on the floor. It sounds so draconian and unethical that a public school like the Atebubu teacher training college would request from students learning under its auspices to become public trained teachers who are going to impact the next generation under their care and supervision, would be treated with such an incongruous attitude without being called to desist from their reprehensible behaviours.

Cost of goods and services in the country are very rife as the cedi continues to depreciate against the main foreign trading currencies and how they are asking the students to come to school with their own furniture, it appears as if they are going to compound the situations for the students because how things are turning out to be on the country, it is not funny any longer and because of some unnecessary hitches and headaches that such teacher trainees go through, some of them become hostile and uncaring after completion of their various course studies.

But as the issue has come to the public domain it is expected that the ministry of education or the minister for education would quickly intervene to remedy the situation before it turns out uncontrollable which nothing meaningful could be done.

The current minister of education himself, had come into the news last week for the wrong reasons as it was established that he secretly kept huge sum of money meant for the training of public trained teachers, was clandestinely stored in his personal bank account and it is believed that due to such cases happening at the top hierarchies, the subordinates too have resorted to using such instances to unleash their anger and vexation on those under their tutelage.

The minister of education, Yaw Osei Adutwum, had been accused of squandering 1.2 million dollars funded by a programme sponsored by World Bank but that event could not come on and the money could not be accounted for even though he came out boldly to defend himself by saying he did not come to Ghana after spending countless years in a white man’s land to steal or embezzle the scarce resources of Ghana.

Ghanaian public office holders are always saying Ghana has scarce resources but the moment they assume political office, you will see them in a four wheeled-drive and for whatever the case may be, posterity awaits everyone depending on how he or she lives.



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