Bullion Van Robbery, Police Officer Caught.

The raging debate on who should be accusing fingers be pointed at when it comes to stealing and robbing people of their goods, has resurfaced as another police officer and his accomplice have been caught red handed involving in bullion van robbery.

A police officer stationed at Wa in the Upper West region under the regional command, Constable Nelson Tettey has been caught indulging in robbing. He was caught in the full glare of the public with one mechanic by the name; Baba Bukari. Both have been arrested by the other police officers who did not want to follow the path of Nelson Tettey who was assigned to mount security check on the valuables of a certain institution’s money, he looted from the van with the aid of an ordinary mechanic.

The police officers in the Wa area, have given them out for engaging in the act while they planned and attacked the bullion van as it was dispatch to transport some gargantuan amounts of money to be deposited at the bank for safe keeping. Police Constable Nelson Tettey used the opportunity given him to provide security for the money, decided to look for someone who could help him quickly so that he can also boast of being reach and he chanced upon finding the mechanic who could not also tell his conscience that he would be arrested if goes ahead with such a diabolic agenda.

But this is not the first time in the history of the police administration where one of their own has been arrested involving in an armed robbery act. It is common these days seeing police officers in Ghana stealing or attacking people at gun points thereby snatching them of their properties under the pretext of providing them security at the blind side of the innocent civilians.

The image of the police administration in Ghana has been greatly degraded due to the rate at which public police officers are now engaging in stealing and robbing people at gun points. The criteria being used by the administration in recruiting such miscreants and bandits into the public security forces are being questioned as to whether they are using the right procedures in enlisting the qualified individuals into the service. Many have argued that, the police administration does not use any stringent means again in getting people enlisted onto the service rather they are using what they termed “protocol”.

It is in Ghana that the word protocol means, cash in because, that is the only method available by which the police administration recruits people and it bothers on those who have the financial strength only to be given the opportunity.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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