Call Agradaa to order – Nana Romeo to Christian Council

Nana Romeo

The Christian Council has been openly chastised by radio personality Nana Romeo for failing to carry out its obligations.

He recently vented his dissatisfaction and annoyance at the council’s abandonment of its duties, claiming that their inaction had caused a fall in people’s interest in going to church.

“I am disappointed in you. This isn’t the first time. You have neglected your duties, and now people are trashing the image of Christianity.



“Because you have neglected your duties, now many people have given up on going to church because there is no wow factor in there anymore,” he said.

He further elaborated that the council’s neglect has allowed for the tarnishing of the image of God, citing what he said was an appalling posture of Nana Agradaa, a fetish priestess who has now established a church.

Nana Romeo’s criticisms were not limited to the Christian Council’s current inaction but extended to their silence on other matters.

“You people have neglected your jobs; this time, people are tarnishing the image of God, and you guys are watching. You won’t come out, and you are all quiet. I am not the judge, but God isn’t happy about what you guys are doing,” he added.

After pouring out his concerns, Nana Romeo urged the Christian Council to take action and fulfil its responsibilities to prevent further damage to the image of Christianity.

He reminded them that their actions or inaction are not only accountable to humans but also to God

Nana Agradaa has recently come under fire for her behavior at church. She has been accused, among other things, of misquoting the Bible and making fun of Christianity through her unusual church behavior, which has included insulting guests and ejecting them.