Cameroon imprisons transgender ladies for ‘attempted homosexuality’

Shakiro; Before And After Transition

Two transsexual ladies in Cameroon have been condemned to five years in prison for negating homosexuality laws.

Their legal advisors say they were seen as blameworthy of “endeavoring homosexuality” just as offending public respectability and issues with their ID cards.

One of them is trans VIP Shakiro, a YouTuber who features the issues Cameroon’s prohibited LGBT people group faces.


She and her companion Patricia have been in confinement since February after their capture at an eatery.

Cameroon is among 31 African nations that condemns gay sex.

“It’s a mallet blow. It’s the greatest term illustrated in the law. The message is clear: gay people don’t have a spot in Cameroon,” one of their legal counselors, Alice Nkom, who heads the Association for the Defense of Rights of Homosexuals, told the AFP news organization.

Their other legal counselor, Richard Tamfu, says the pair will request the decision as there is no verification of homosexuality, just doubt.

The court in the city of Douala likewise fined Shakira and Patricia 200,000 francs ($370; £261) each.

On the off chance that the two can’t collect the cash to take care of the punishments, they will confront an additional a year in jail on top of their five-year sentence, the BBC’s Killian Ngala reports from the capital, Yaoundé.

In 2016 Cameroon fortified its enemy of homosexuality laws, changing the corrective code to expressly ban same-sex sexual relations, our columnist says.

There is ill will towards gay and transsexual individuals in Cameroon and they can regularly be bested up in broad daylight, he says.

Shakiro, who has likewise been distinguished as Loïc Njeukam, is strange for being vocal about such oppression.

She has a huge number of supporters on Facebook and YouTube where she advances beauty care products and speaks straightforwardly about her sexuality.

The preliminary of Shakiro and Patricia, who has likewise been distinguished as Roland Mouthe, has been prominent, with pundits saying it is a political choice to indict them.

A month ago, Human Rights Watch said Cameroon had increased the mistreatment of lesbian, gay, sexually unbiased and transsexual individuals.



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