Chaos As Trotro Mates And Passengers Go Into A Boxing Ring.

The passengers who are plying the routes of Madina and Lapaz areas are not left out without seeing strange spectacles on daily basis.

This time around, it about transport fares who have resulted in a boxing ring involving the mates of the public transportation system and the commuters over unreasonable increment in the fares of passengers.

It all started like a joke between the mates and the passengers over what much exactly someone must pay from either Madina to Lapaz or Lapaz to Madina. Some passengers opposed the fares mentioned to them by the mate and then they registered their protest against it which caused serious fisticuffs in public amidst invocation of curses from both parties.

It is common nowadays to see mates exchanging words with their customers who are the passengers because of how some of the lorry fares have been increased thoughtlessly. It all happened when other people in the other car planned not to give out the amount of money that the mates demanded during the transportation of such individuals which they rejected vehemently and it resulted in the fight between such irresponsible people.

The Ghana Road Transport Union, which is the body mandated to manage and regulate the affairs of the transport system in Ghana, is in connivance with the public transport owners to illegally dupe people from their sweat.


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