Check Out The Number Of Countries Hit By Internet Disruptions; Managing The Damage

Following reported failures in the multiple subsea cables, the regions of West and Central Africa, certain countries are experiencing varied levels of this internet blackout.

It has been noticed that millions of internet users, especially, remote workers, have been greatly affected leading to a lot of unfinished projects, contracts terminations, break in inter-personal communication, among other losses.

Much is not known, as to when this problem will be fixed, but it is to be anticipated that a lot of businesses will be impacted negatively in the affected areas.

According to Ghbuzz reports, these sudden internet failures began on Thursday, 14, March 2024, which has created terrible internet experiences across the afore mentioned regions, Central and West Africa.

However, due to the diligent and unrelenting efforts of network service providers within the affected countries, there has been a slight improvement, although the problem still exists– awaiting a solution!

Below is a compiled list of affected countries, grouped according to the level of internet disruptions :

Liberia                   :             High

Benin                     :             High

Ghana                   :             High

Burkina Faso      :              High

Togo                     :            Medium

Cameroon          :             Medium

Gabon                 :             Medium

Namibia             :             Medium

Niger                  :             Medium

Nigeria                  :             Low

Lesotho               :              Low

South Africa      :               Low