Chinese love my music – King Ayisoba

King Ayisoba

According to King Ayisoba, a well-known traditional musician from Ghana, the Chinese people adore and appreciate his music.

Along with the Kologo, King Ayisoba is well renowned for his distinctive musical style. According to King Ayisoba, the Chinese adore his brand of music.

“The I Want to See You My Father” hitmaker has disclosed that he always receives massive love and support whenever he performs in China and his fans mostly prevent him from leaving the stage.

“I travel to every place in the world even places I never knew including, Canada, Australia, Russia, and China. And the China people love my music”, he told GTV in an interview.

When asked about the reception he receives in China the Kologo expert responded “charlie, eno bi eazy for there, they dance, they like it they take my Kologo for the camera, my dressing my everything”.

“Upon all the plenty musicians they may have on stage, it is only me they would not allow leave the stage and go home. I go for plenty of interviews from one TV station to the other and sometimes I get tired”, King Ayisoba narrated.


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