Christian Atsu was reportedly battling divorce before his sudden demise

According to reports from, the late football player Christian Atsu Twasam was going through a divorce before he tragically passed away.

After a 7.8-magnitude earthquake that killed over 40,000 people and injured thousands more, Christian Atsu passed away a week ago in Turkey.

Ghannasoccer reports say that Atsu and his wife split up for a while before he died in the Turkey earthquake.

Christian Atsu’s wife reportedly published a book in 2021 titled “Stop Bullying Me,” which went on to become one of Amazon’s best-selling books. However, it was said that Atsu did not share or support his wife’s project.

However, towards the end of Atsu’s contract at Newcastle, the 12-year marriage he had with his German wife Marie-Clarie began to deteriorate.

Atsu’s marital issues began when his mother-in-law moved in with them in the UK in 2021. Because of the wife’s increased focus on the mother, Atsu felt alone in the house.

A source told that “his mother-in-law has taken control of everything in the home, and he sometimes found it difficult to play with his children.”

Atsu was absolutely furious about this. Therefore, he instructed the wife to politely request that her mother relocate to Germany so that they could continue their private lives.

‘Atsu was enraged to the core at this. So, in order for them to continue living their private lives, he instructed the wife to politely request that her mother relocates to Germany.”

”His wife objected to the idea because she believed the player didn’t want her mother to live with them, which is how their marital issues began”.

”Atsu was fervently looking for a new club at that time because he only had two months left on his contract with Newcastle.”

The source also added: ”At this point, a well-known Ghanaian football agent managed to get him a club in Turkey, but the player was not interested in working there.

”Atsu then moved to Saudi Arabia and signed for Al Raed after failing to find a club in Europe. Due to a long-standing disagreement [with the wife] before he left for Saudi Arabia, the wife then used his absence to push for a divorce.

”He took the decision to return to Ghana due to injuries and a dip in form in Saudi Arabia. He considered hanging up his boots but before that, he had plans to play for his boyhood team, Hearts of Oak, even if only for a season.”

‘He decided to change his career plans at that point and also needed money to fund a ton of unfinished projects in Ghana.

‘He then made the decision to put off his plans to don the Rainbow jersey in order to sign a lucrative new deal with another European team.

‘Hatayaspor was his only choice and so decided to relocate to Turkey. Remember that before moving to Saudi Arabia, he turned down a rich offer from an unknown Turkish club because he wanted to spend his final years with Hearts of Oak.”

‘If the divorce proceeding hadn’t begun, Atsu would have returned to Ghana and be playing in the Ghana Premier League.”