Colleges Of Education Workers Strike Suspended.

The Colleges of Education Non Teaching Staff Association of Ghana, has called off their strike sine die after a prolonged meeting with the labour commission. The workers have raised some pertinent issues concerning conditions under which they find themselves in whilst they are at post to help move the nation to a high height.

The labour commission has taken the matter up for a possible resolution as it promised an amicable settlement of the issue at hand. The representatives of the colleges of education and non teaching staff association, had lengthy deliberations with the labour commission officials as to streamline measures acceptable in driving their grievances home peacefully.

Many have agreed that, the current state of the economy, is what is motivating the workers to agitate against their poor working environment.

The leadership of the workers have stated that, as they were assured by the leaders of the labour commission to look into their welfare, they are expecting them to do exactly as they promised but on any occasion which they will go contrary to what they have said, we are going to lay down our tools again thereby, hitting up the street to drive our concerns home.



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