Controversy Rocks National Cathedral Project But Deputy Finance Minister Refutes Claims Of Financial Malfeasance

National Cathedral

There have been conflicting accounts of the ongoing national cathedral building project in the national capital of Ghana, Accra where a board of trustees had been mandated to spearhead the activities of its construction.

The issue about whether the money being hugely invested in the project is being accurately utilized the right way or it is passing through the back door into the hands of some introverted individuals without rendering any proper account of how the taxpayers’ money is being spent either judicious or imprudently.

Ghanaians have become enraged and stormed the premises where the so-called national cathedral building project is being constructed to register their displeasure about the project citing it as a misplaced priority on the list of governments where the masses on the streets of Ghana are jobless and poor without any meaningful financial assistance from the government to enable them to establish some kind of their livelihood for a comfortable living but rather the government of Nana Addo initiated such a frivolous project at the detriment of the poor Ghanaian people claiming it is God they are building the cathedral for.

The board of trustees of the national cathedral building project had in the past few days, given unreliable information about accounts about how they spent certain amounts of money and the kind of project in which they are undertaking either in the interest of the country or in the interest of God.

There were reported cases on the part of the national cathedral building project board of trustees over some alleged diversion of money meant for the national exercise but it was clandestinely pocketed by some individuals at the project site claiming certain amounts of money were doled out to people who performed and raised funds for the construction of taking off.

As people continue to raise their ardent objections against the construction of the national cathedral building project because no proper account is being given as to how the money of the taxpayers is being used, a deputy minister of finance and economic planning under this current administration of Nana Addo has jumped into the fray supporting the path taken by the government.

John Kumah, a deputy minister of finance and economic planning is incensed about the posture of Ghanaian people against the decision of the government to embark on such a project despite the unfriendly environment created by the poor handling of the country’s economy, said the government is not running away from accountability it has all the facts and figures to render a proper and thorough account to the people of Ghana about how the money invested into the project is being used in the construction.

He said, if anyone in Ghana thinks, the government of Nana Addo is shortchanging Ghanaians about happenings on the project, such an individual is a traitor and a nation wrecker because there is no way the administration of Nana Addo would use taxpayers’ money for anything relating to his personal effects.

People are waging war against the building of the national cathedral because it is clear without any shred of ambiguity that, the economy of the country is in unprecedented tatters and debilitating comatose without any formidable pragmatic solutions being formulated to arrest the fast-falling standard of living in Ghana due to the quagmire status of the national economy of Ghana.

Ghana was recently declared the most expensive country to live in on the African continent because it has the highest level of inflation that no other country with robust economic fundamentals could match in terms of inflation figures.

Ghanaians have complained bitterly about the inefficient manner in which the government of Nana Addo is managing the finances of Ghana with the manager of his assets Ken Ofori Atta, who he appointed as the minister of finance and economic planning in both his first and second presidential regimes of political administration. Some cross-section of people has called for the head of the finance minister on the account that, he woefully failed in restoring the economy of the country on track which is now hanging in the balance.

The same finance minister was summoned to the law-making chamber of Ghana to brief the house on how the money accrued through the covid funds, was disbursed but he could not give a comprehensive account of how the money was spent and by so doing, giving needles and unreliable figures that could not be traced with any authenticity.

It is at the back of all these back and forth conflicting records churned out by such suspicious characters on how they spent the money which they were unarguably fumbling to do so, it then compelled the deputy minister of finance and economic planning to come out and say the government is not running away from accountability when it comes to matters relating to the money spent on the national cathedral building project so far whilst nobody invited him to speak to the general public.




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