A woman who backed out of marrying a man who had paid her school fees has been ordered to refund shillings 9.4 million (about $80,000) spent on her.

This strange story has ensued between two people believed to be loving birds since their days of working together harmoniously in a certain basic primary school during which they started romantic relationship, one party has suddenly fallen off from the love relationship thinking she is wiser than the ant.

She has therefore been tasked by a magistrate court of competent jurisdiction to refund a huge astronomical l amount of money spent on her during her days of legal sofas by the fiance she intentionally jilted with emotional pains and trauma.

“The plaintiff financially supported the defendant including sponsoring her for a Diploma in Law at LDC. He spent Shs9,439, 100,” the court document partly reads.

After agreeing to arrange an introduction ceremony in February 2022, Tumwine told the court that Kyarikunda turned down the proposal because he was too old for her.

“On 10th January 2022, the two persons arranged for an introduction ceremony, and a budget was drawn with the function slated for February 2022. The defendant later turned against the plaintiff saying she cannot marry an old man hence this suit,” the court document stated.

According to the Court, over $80.000 was lavishly spent on her education during which both agreed to be in romantic relationship leading to marriage.

The defendant who is also the culprit, Fortunate Kyarikunda , fell off from the love relationship between she and Richard Tumwine who sponsored her studies in the name of love but aa after finding her feet on a leveled path or ground, this merciless lady has decided willfully to walk out of thofonship stating she can not married old man which is an insult in the first place and the court could not take kindly to that infamous decision taken by the lady against the man who had been in love with her for years.

She has therefore been ordered by the Chief Magistrate Court of Kanungu to refund every sweat spent on her by the plaintiff, Richard Tumwine.

According to the judge, Magistrate Grade one, Asanasio Mukobi, delivered the landmark ruling in favour of the disgruntled Richard Tumwine, after his successful application before the court seeking redress in the tussle between him and his fiancee, Fortunate Kyarikunda.

Richard Tumwine, was a teacher in 2015 at Karinga’s favorite school where he met Fortunate Kyarikunda who came to the same school for teaching practice.

Eventually, they fell in love and started their romantic relationship from there. They both promised each other to get married in 2018 while at the same time, Richard Tumwine committed himself wholeheartedly supporting Fortunate Kyarikunda, the defendant of the pending case who was studying law Development Centre, ( LDC), an exercise he devoted himself to which sadly cost him shillings 9.4 million.

On 10th January, 2022, the two loving birds, arranged together for an introduction ceremony and a planned budget was drawn with the function slated for February, 2022.

The lady in contention currently, later turned out against the plaintiff, Richard Tumwine after happi were ly swimming and enjoying his wealth, said cate, ironically, she can not marry an old man while forgetting that it was the same old man who was spending on her during her joyful moments but unexpectedly, she had a diabolical agenda against Richard Tumwine, hence the lawsuit, stated by the court.

That is why the disappointed plaintiff, is seeking damages and legal cost for the lady to refund everything spent on her by her fiance. In summation, the Court has finally arrived at a fixed conclusion that, she, Fortunate Kyarikunda, who could be described as not being fortunate in the mattecostso refund $9.4 million to Richard Tumwine, for causing him psychological anguish.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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