Create Your Own Jobs If You Are Truly Graduates – Bekwai MP Dares White Collar Job Seekers

Create jobs with your certificate and stop chasing white-collar jobs — Joe Wise to graduates

The Member of Parliament for the Bekwai Constituency, Hon. Joseph Osei Owusu, also known as Joe Wise, has challenged Ghanaian unemployed graduates who are still at home waiting for the government to provide them with jobs, to take a very bold and audacious stance on their prospects because there is no easy way to heaven.

According to him, he wonders why numerous kinds of entrepreneurial development activities with being in the country where people could try their hands on and put food on the table of their loved ones but they will seat down unconcerned and be blaming the government for not doing everything to making life comfortable for them and such individuals are lazy and nation wreckers who will use every orthodox means available to cause mayhems in the country.

According to him, people who are calling themselves graduate unemployed youth who are full of energy to do exploits, with being chasing out only works that they consider white collar jobs because they think it is what is meant for people who call themselves learned individuals but that must not be the issues hence they must make sure they create their jobs where it is going to be possible that they also employ some other people who may not necessarily have the same educational qualifications as they have.

Graduates’ unemployment has been the headache of the government though there various sectors of entrepreneurial development agencies that are mandated to provide them with jobs available.

The graduates have outnumbered such opportunities available and such individuals which will tell you their harrowing instances of being demanded to give out what will satisfy their bellies and heart desires before any other support could be offered to them and based on their bad experiences in matters relating to this unemployment debacle, they have resorted to living in their own means while telling other people that Ghana is not worth dying even though the same people are the ones claiming to love the country therefore jobs to be given to them so that they could serve the country at the national level before which they are going to take oaths of allegiance to the country so just imagine, such individuals will say behind the scenes that the country is not worth sacrificing for but in turn, will hold the Holy Bible and Quran and swear to serve the country wholeheartedly according to their will and might but in their thoughts, they are coming to loot and milk the country by causing her to run dry.

Life has become like living in a state of hell on earth because of how evil conduct has eroded the environment of religious and devoted Christian believers who have allowed the things of the world to take over good and responsible lifestyles in the country causing hardships and turmoils across the length and breadth of Ghana and other parts of the world because it seems they are all happy about seeing the evil forces attacking the very moral fabric laid down by their forefathers who sacrificed their dear lives to lay down the foundations of this life for them to come and inherit.



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