David Bromstad’s tattoos and meanings revealed

David Bromstad, the host of HGTV, is no stranger to designing, whether for his body or homes.

Here are the most noticeable tattoos on David Bromstad.

David Bromstad, who is he?
David Reed Bromstad was born in Cokato, Minnesota, on August 17, 1973.

David Bromstad is a designer with many talents who currently hosts the My Lottery Dream Home show on HGTV.

The TV personality studied design at the Ringling Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, where he got his start.

Bromstad won the first season of HGTV’s Design Star in 2006.

Since then, he has hosted Design Star All-Stars and appeared on Color Splash, First Time Design, and Rock the Block on HGTV.

David Bromstad worked as an illustrator at Disney prior to his career on the big screen.

What are David Bromstad’s tattoos?

David Bromstad’s talent for home design is well-known. The TV star is also good at designing his body.

Even though he appears to be in full clothing on television, viewers of HGTV can see that Bromstad has a lot of tattoos.

David, on the other hand, has been kind enough to show off his tattoos on Instagram. Let’s look at it:

Cinderella Castle David, as you know, worked as an illustrator for Disney, so he is bound to pay tribute to his previous home.

David showed off his Cinderella Castle tattoo on his thigh on Instagram.

The post’s title read: A castle has been found by a princess. Never before had my thigh been so magical.

Additionally, David’s arms feature two distinct Mickey Mouse designs.

Family David has the word “family” tattooed right on his abdomen rather than getting a tattoo to show his respect.

Pride is represented by the rainbow-colored shading on the tattoo.

In fact, a lot of his tattoos are based on how much he cares about the LGBTQ+ community.

David wears a dabbing unicorn and the Pride flag on his leg.

1973 and Limited Edition David wears the year 1973 and the words “limited edition” across his chest and under his biceps.

David’s birth year and individuality are both represented by these tattoos.

Bromstad inked his favorite 1980s scratch-and-sniff sticker, explaining that the tattoo brings him back to his childhood.

It also represents the popcorn-loving family he comes from.

Hogwarts Castle David has a tattoo of Hogwarts Castle on the opposite thigh.

David provided an explanation in an Instagram post: We are all better off as a result of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Although Disney and Harry Potter have nothing in common, they both contribute to the creation of more magical environments.

These are just a few of David’s larger tattoos; he has many more.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com