Do Not Stress Basic Students With Examinations; GES tells directors.

The Ghana Education Service; GES, is in the news again for some weird reasons which Ghanaians are asking to know how they can run their heads around it. The institution is instructing regional directors of education nationwide to make sure that, head masters and head teachers at the basic educational levels do not burden students under their tutelage with a lot of examination questions for this particular end of first term session.

According to GES, the pupils at the kindergarten and lower primary departments should be assessed in two main subjects only; numbering and literacy.

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But those at the upper primary must be assessed in the English language and Mathematics whilst, the seniors at the junior high school levels should be examined in the four main core subjects: An English language, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics. Further more, the other remaining subjects in the junior high department being taught, class tests only should be done to assess them and end the term.

In a statement signed and released by; Mr. Anthony Boateng, a deputy director general of the Ghana Education Service, is urging the regional directors to make sure strict adherence to the above directive is complied with effectively.

The statement also announced that, all the district directors are part of all this important notice to help the children heave a surf of relief this time around. It is not quite clear is the statement is only applicable in the public basic schools nationwide or those at the private schools are also to comply.

But we are believing that, there is no possibility whereby such an awkward unilateral position taken by GES would be respected in the private schools across the country.



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