Many men goes about doing what women don’t like when they try to impress them or show how much they love them. But here is what women simply need from you.

Women are complex and to understand and succeed with them, you have to know what they really want from a man. Below are most of what a woman wants from a man:


1. Sense of humor. I’ve never met a single guy who was very funny.

2. Strength. Either physical or emotional. Preferably both. Some girls like “gentle giants” though.

3. Intelligence. Most girls I know are super attracted to smart guys. And if the guy is really gorgeous but dumb as a door knob, the girls get over them quickly.

4. Kindness. Yes, some girls are attracted to jerks. But they’re a masochistic minority. Most prefer a guy who could be nice to their mom and puppies.

5. Good hygiene. That’s a given. No one wants to smell too much body odor and see hairs growing out of your nose. Please.

6. Loyalty. Most girls are turned off by players. We were all raised on the fairy tales where prince and princess lived happily ever after, not where he texted his side chick.

7. Courage. I know, guys are human too. You have your moments where you’re intimidated or unsure. But brave men are inherently attractive.

8. Attraction. A girl wants that the guy to be really into her. Sometimes if a guy is aloof and cold, you’ll have some masochist girls taking it as a challenge. But most girls will just be turned off.

With these you can either win her heart or make the relationship a success.



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