Don’t Blame Me For Your Economic Woes; Else…Putin warns Ghana.

Many would recollect that, in the last previous three weeks of government statement on the debilitating state of Ghana’s economy, the leadership of government laid down the blame squarely on the doorstep of Russia for causing Ghana to be in a total mess.

Now, the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has stated that, everything proclaimed by the political leaders in Ghana, has come to his notice.

He therefore, warns Ghana strongly not to drag his name into our affairs else, he would initiative some turbulent action against us as a nation.

Ghana is currently in a state of economic downturn but our political leaders are quick to jump into the fray as Ghanaians continue to register their displeasure about the economic hardship they are faced with in the country to say; “It is as a result of the war between Russia and Ukraine hence the global economic meltdown which is also affecting Ghana”.

Ghanaian leaders then told the nation that, Russia should be blamed for the hardship incurred on Ghana.





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