Doom, Gloom, Despondency Clouds Ghana’s Economy As Bawumia Clears Air.

The challenges faced by business owners and job seeking nationals are not returning to normal anytime soon as the country’s ailing economy is nothing to be desired of.

It is obvious that, something is not functioning well at somewhere as the economy watchers have intimated. The Vice prez of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, who, he himself is an economist, looks as though he knows nothing about the debacles faced with the economy.

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There is nothing to be debated whether he is on top of economic issues or not but what Ghanaians are desired of is to feel in their pockets wealth and riches after a day’s hard work but there is nothing to show because the economic downturn in Ghana is grave and terrible.

Good governance or leadership is measured by how prosperous the citizens are in your country and not the chew and pour economic gymnastics exhibition through eloquent expressions.

Good management of the country’s economy is a practical thing and it has nothing to do with warp mental theories in some gimmick attempt to beguiling the illiterates in the country.

When you learn something, you practise it by means of demonstration for transformation and restoration but here in Ghana, we have political leaders who only know how to talk big without providing solutions.



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