Dr. Kwaku Oteng brags about number of private cars he owns after Despite's birthday

Ghana’s wealthy men are flexing and Dr. Kwaku Oteng is also demonstrating his worth, following Osei Kwame Despite’s massive birthday celebration in which dozens of G-Wagons took over Ghana’s roads.

Adonko Bitters is Kwaku Oteng’s most notable asset, and he owns the Angel Group of companies. Despite his status as one of Ghana’s wealthiest men, he has never taken the time to show off his wealth as Dr. Despite does.

Since you have the wherewithal, you would be celebrated and appreciated in society because that is what the society wants to be noted about.

According to him, he owns well over 100 cars and is not even aware of the total number. These aren’t just personal cars but also vehicles used by the businesses that he owns.

One of the most celebrated iconic and illustrious sons of the land of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Osei, also known as, Dr. Despite, luxuriously celebrated his birthday recently which saw other notable bigwigs in society at the centre of excellence as they graced his birthday felicitations and compliments without finding hands for the collection of presents, while others rode in their own posh cars because the means is always available.

In the center celebration of activities to earmark the actual birthday celebration of Dr. Kwame Osei also known as Dr. Despite, flashy vehicles were flaunted in the future of the general public which shook the very foundations of society as some were even speechless due to the expensive cars that they brought to the event ground.

One of the famous business moguls in Ghana who was apparently spotted showing kindness and support to Dr. Kwame Osei when he was celebrating his birthday, was his intimate friend, Dr. Kwaku Oteng.

He has come out to brag about the total number of private vehicles that he owns which have even become uncountable.

According to him, he does not even know what to do with such vehicles again in his life since his life is more important than the riches, he can not count the cars he has at the moment because, they are numberless.

He stated that, it is only a total number of 100 vehicles that he could remember but he confirms his cars are more than 100. He displayed such posh vehicles in a colourful exhibition to let the world know that if people begin t talk about their wealth, he has more than what they do have but he remains somehow quiet since he believes salt does not praise itself and rather, what matcolorfulim most, is his precious and indispensable soul that gives him breathe.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com