Economic Hardship: I Now Eat Once A Day – Stonebwoy Confesses


The founder of BHIM Nation, Stonebwoy, is of the opinion that people should temper their goals and spending in these trying times. If not, they will become frustrated.

He also advised people to focus on being grateful in order to reduce stress.

“It’s not easy. Someone like me, I’m inside the street proper. I always have to have a denomination that I can distribute. As if it were an obligation. So I feel it. I know how it goes. Even people at the top don’t have it easy. So, how much more people are on the ground?

“All I can say is that we have to be realistic with our expenditures and ambitions, else you will be frustrated. Above all, we should be thankful we have life because no matter how tough it gets, God always makes a way at the end of the day,” Stonebowy details on NewDay.

Stonebwoy also spoke about helping others in need while disclosing his expenses, including meals.

“Some people can’t even find a meal a day. They go hungry every other day. So, if you cross people like this, and it’s genuine, you can do your best. My formation is once a day. So, I haven’t eaten. I will probably eat at 6 pm.”


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